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Please enter the EVENT START TIME.  Your rental will be guaranteed to be set up and ready by the time you choose.   This is important for our delivery schedule to ensure all our clients have their inflatables ready to go by the event start.   Rental time is a guaranteed 6 hours from event start time.  However, depending on our scheduling and routing the drop off time may be scheduled earlier and pickups for after your event ends.  This extra time is at no charge to you.  

Drop offs typically are done between 6:00am-10:00am.  You may have the option to pay for overnight rentals or 2nd day rental if available.  Overnight or 2nd day rentals must be approved prior to your event.  

We do our best to  accommodate our customer's requests so we will contact you to discuss your event timeframe.   A day or two before your event we will contact you to verify a delivery time.

Please call us if you would like a quotes on multiple day rentals. 


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